Why parents should not start tuition at the beginning of the term.

Many parents enrol into tuition with the idea that it is always best to start tutoring at the beginning of the school term.

Why? It is because a ‘fresh term – a new start.’

Unfortunately, this is not the most strategic way to approach tutoring. If we think about it, why are parents getting tutoring for their child in the first place?

It is usually because the child is struggling at school or their grades are not up to parent’s expectations. If this is the case, then there will be topics that the tutors need to backtrack on and revise over again before continuing. For high school mathematics, the biggest problem for most students is algebra.

Students who join tutoring at the beginning of the school term will be under the pressure of having to ‘catch up on their fundamentals’ and at the same time, ‘keep up with their school.’ To top it off, once school resumes, it means all 6 subjects at school resumes. This will take up all their time and energy – making it even more difficult for them to focus on improving topics that they are weak at.

“Starting tutoring at the beginning of school holidays is the best.”

When you join a new tutoring centre, they would have assessed and understood where your child’s weaknesses are. Once they have figured out what topics your child is weak at and they have identified what topics are critical in moving forward – they should backtrack and start on this topic first. It is wise to use the time during the school holidays to focus on only catching up topics that they have already learnt at school.

“Catch up on topics that your child is on weak during the school holidays.”

Some parents might wonder why bother catching up on topics that they have already done?

The topic doesn’t go away, in fact that topic might be tested again during the Half Yearly Exams – ready for your child’s mid year report. Or otherwise, in their Yearly Exam – ready for your child’s final year report.

What is even more important is that the topic gets repeated in the following year and extended – making it harder. Therefore, if your child doesn’t have the fundamentals from the previous year, they would only fall behind further.

If time permits I personally would try to accelerate the child by completing a topic they haven’t yet learnt at school. That way when they enter school they already have the knowledge and will feel a lot more confident in approaching it.

Do you want to maximise your child’s time this school holidays?

At MarkitUP Tuition we have school holiday programs that revise the previous topics that were taught at tutoring.

However, we also provide specialized and tailored programs to fit your child’s weakness to help you close the gaps in their understanding and then accelerate their learning.

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