How To Become An Excellent Student

Do you believe some students excel more than others simply because they

are predisposed to be smarter at birth? Genetics definitely plays a role in the development of a child’s intellect. There are children who are born with the building blocks that allow them to process information faster than others.

But does that mean those who don’t have the genetic qualities will never become excellent students?

The answer is a resounding “No”.

Possessing the genetic components for academic excellence gives one an advantage over others. But unless the student harnesses those qualities, he will never realize them. Academic excellence is not just a product of good genetics. It is a function of having the ideal traits, characteristics and disposition to become an excellent student.

So how does one become an excellent student?

1. Identify his purpose

It all starts with having a deep understanding of the “Why”. Before he embarks on his journey to become an excellent student he must know why he needs to study. The “why” represents the most powerful component of every successful venture: purpose.

Purpose is the reason why you get up every morning to go to school. Purpose is the reason why you endure long hours attending lectures. Purpose is the reason why you sacrifice simple pleasures and compromise relationships to score high in tests and homework.

Unless a student identifies his purpose, he will be lost in this journey to academic excellence.

2. Commit to the process

A student who does not have the genetic predisposition to excel must have the disposition to want to excel. He simply has to work harder to become an excellent student.

He will spend longer and more frequent hours to study. He may have to undertake other measures such as tutorials, consultation or online instruction to become more competent in weaker areas. He will have to be more creative with his approach; perhaps set up focus groups or use past tests.

It will not be easy but if he is committed to the process, all the effort and hard work will be worth it.

3. Always prepared

A student who wants to excel will be ready for anything that comes his way. Teachers like to throw “curveballs” to get students to realize the importance of preparation.

A teacher may give a surprise quiz, graded recitation or seatwork designed to catch students off- guard. While others whine, moan and groan the prepared student is smiling confidently. While others are thinking, “why now?” the prepared student is thinking, “bring it on!”

A student who is always prepared is guaranteed to excel because he looks forward to these moments. He wants surprise tests to happen because he uses these as his platform to test his progress and determine his level of preparedness.

4. Active participant

Teachers love students who actively participate in class. It helps the sessions become more productive because it raises the level of engagement between teacher and student and among the students themselves.

And engagement is how students learn best. They get to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions. Those who have had doubts or are unsure of their understanding of the lesson now have the venue to clarify.

But those who initiate the discussion are the ones who excel. They have no fear of expressing their ideas and have no care of what others think of them. They engage actively in class only because of one thing: they want to become excellent students!

5. Passionate

Have you heard of the saying, “hard work trumps talent”? The reason why some people who have less out- perform those who have more is because they are willing to do more.

The force that drives this willingness is passion.

A student who wants to excel in academics enjoys what he is doing simply because he loves it.

He doesn’t mind the long hours of study because he loves learning. He gladly puts social interactions on hold for the purpose of doing school work or more study time because he loves the sense of improvement. The thought of “skipping” school does not cross his mind because he would rather invest time to getting better.

When the tasks become more difficult, he bites down and forges ahead because he relishes these challenges. In fact, he will even extend himself above and beyond what he needs to do by helping others.

He will do this because of his love of learning. He wants to share with others his belief that when you have passion anything is possible.

It’s all part of the process of becoming an excellent student.

As Confucius famously said, “Find what you love to do and never work a day in your life.”

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