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Hi, I am Nhi Chang, the founder of MarkitUP Tuition.

I was born and raised in Auburn, Australia and my parents were first generation migrants from a small farm in the countryside of Vietnam.

I was behind before I even started Kindy because I did not speak an ounce of English. To make things more difficult, I somehow moved to 4 different schools between Kindy to Year 4. Needless to say, academically I was not doing fantastic. My parents were well aware and put me in tutoring since Year 2 and I have been through 5 different tutoring centres before I found the right one for me.

I was so behind at this stage that I had to attend tutoring twice a week for 4 hours. I did about 4 hours of tutoring per week to catch up. As intensive as this may sound, 4 hours of tutoring for me was 'normal' and if anything it taught me hard work very early on.

Within a year of starting tutoring at a new centre, I went to the highest class for mathematics in Year 5. Fast forward to Year 12, I completed Advanced English, Advanced Mathematics and Extension 1 Mathematics and was ranked top 12 across all my subjects.

I devised my own tutoring centre around my difficult experience from other tutoring centres and what I felt was lacking in the education system. If it wasn't for tutoring, I, 100% would have fallen through the cracks in the education system.

Through my experiences, I know that every child has potential to do it, it comes down to guiding them properly, teaching them it is about hard work and they'll realise they can achieve a lot in life.

To learn more about our tutoring programs, read on in the website to find out more about what makes us different and how we can help improve your child's growth mindset.

Nhi Chang
Founder of MarkitUP

Mark Cavanna
Freeman Catholic College
ATAR 98.7
Specialises in
Extension 2 Mathematics.

Natalie Herranz
Bossley Park High School
ATAR 94.2
Specialises in
Extension 2 English

Bella Dela Cruz
Clancy Catholic College
Specialises in English

Brittany Bartolo
Clancy Catholic College
ATAR 91.95
Specialises in English

Alex Cicchitelli
Freeman Catholic College
ATAR 97.9
Specialises in Mathematics

Swati Padki
Moorebank High School
ATAR 91.25
Specialises in
Primary Maths & English

Rainbo Tsui
John Edmondson High School
ATAR 91.40
Specialises in Science


Our Services
Primary School Classes
High School Mathematics 
High School English

Primary School Tutoring

Group Tuition


Duration: 2 hours

30 mins: Homework Review
45 mins: Mathematics
45 mins: English (Writing Text Types)

High School Mathematics​

Group Tuition


$45 for Year 7 to 9
$55 for Year 10 to 12

Duration: 2 hours

1 hour: Theory Masterclass
30mins: Examination Styled Quiz
30 mins: Revision on the previous topic

High School

Group Tuition for Year 7 to 12.


$35 for Year 7 & 8
$40 for Year 9 and 10
$45 for Year 11 and 12
Duration: 1.5 hours

15mins: Homework Review
75 mins: English Text Analysis, Class Disucssions
and practice short and long answer response


Catering for Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 NAPLAN Exam


Duration: 2 hours

40-60 mins: Examination Trial.
60 to 90 mins: Examination Review and Feedback

School Holiday Program

Fantastic opportunity to catch up or keep practicing maths and english concepts to have better retention rate.

Depends on the workshop

Duration: 2 hours

Essential Skills Program $99 = 4 hours
NAPLAN Prep Program = $99 for 6 hours
Selective MOCK Trial Series = $99 for 6 hours

Language Courses

Group Tuition


Prices are are from $40
Duration: 1.5 hours

Arabic Classes
French Classes


For HSC motivational talks, HSC lectures & workshops

To inquire call 0433 790 782


Get the very best to teach your child. On average our teachers have reaceived an ATAR of 95.
Our students are challenged, but they have A LOT of fun.
We are NOT a one size fit all tutoring centre. We tailor our lessons to your convenience and needs.
Trial our lesson.
100% money back guaranteed if you are not happy after the first lesson.
  • Main Courses
  • Holiday Program
  • Arabic Lessons

Primary School

Kindergarten to Year 6

For Mathematics & English

High School

Year 7 to Year 12

For Mathematics & English

Other subjects also available upon request and availbility of tutors.


Essential Skills Program

The Essential Skills Program is offered every school holidays. It covers both Mathematics and English. Each subject is for 2 hours, total of 4 hours. 

For further information contact us on 0433 790 782 or on

NAPLAN Prep Program

The NAPLAN Exam occurs every year in the middle of May. Students in Year 3, 5, 7, and 9 have to sit the NAPLAN exam paper.

It tests students in their ability to write, read, their grammatical and numerical skills.

This course is offered during our regular weekly tuition, as well as during the school holidays.  

It runs for a total of 6 hours during the school holiday.

Selective MOCK Trial Series

Learn a new language or improve your understanding by learning Modern Day language Arabic here at Markitup.

Claudias Children

We signed Angelina up for the extra NAPLAN class Mark It Up was offering and it was well worth it! The extra class was for a short time frame and we believe this contributed to her good results as she achieved bands 8 and 9 in Numeracy. No need to sit for extra exams to enable her to sit for the HSC. We were very pleased with all her results. Thank you Mark It Up!

Claudia Gialamas

Michael commenced his maths tutoring with Mark It Up in the beginning of 2017. We felt he would benefit greatly from starting tutoring in year 7 – high school being so very different to primary schooling. We believe Mark It Up played a big role in Michael’s achievements to date – he had a great year last year and achieved bands 7 and 8 in Numeracy (NAPLAN). He was rewarded with his efforts in being placed in the highest mathematics class this year. Mark It Up definitely assisted Michael to achieve these results! Thank you MarkitUP

Claudia Giamalas

Angelina commenced her maths tutoring with Mark It Up in the beginning of 2017. Angelina found that she was more prepared with her approach to her learning in her school environment and understood the fundamentals of what was being taught. Her understanding of mathematics was greatly enhanced. Angelina achieved a third ranking in her year in Mathematics 5.2. She received an award on Presentation Day at her high school and started year 10 in the 5.3 class. We believe her year in Mark It Up has assisted her greatly in achieving this great result! Thank you Markitup!

Claudia Gialamas

Outstanding service and attitude. Highly recommend Markitup. Nhi installed such confidence in my son just days before his maths exam for his HSC. Nhi went out of her way to help and meet with my son through a stressful time in his life, mine too!!!. Markitup genuinely want to see their students succeed and are able to talk their students on their level which helps the student understand faster. After just one lesson a weight was lifted from my son, after multiple lessons his confidence was back. Thank you Markitup and Nhi.

Karen Jacobs

Our kids have only been with Markitup for a little over 6 weeks and the results are amazing. Can’t thank these guys enough for the effort they have put into our children. The results our kids have just got back from exams speak for themselves

Michael Grech

Highly recommended! I was struggling with both maths and English during year 12 and I was directed to MarkitUP by a friend and honestly, it saved my life. In that short time frame, my marks improved dramatically and it just opened up my brain and made everything easy to understand. I ended up doing better than expected in HSC and it was all thanks to MarkItUP. If students just don't understand maths or find it really hard to write in English you should attend MarkItUp I guarantee you will see results!

Dilraba Shukur

My kids started Markitup only 2 weeks ago. Immediately, after the first day they were keen to get home and get started on their homework without delay! I've never seen such enthusiasm towards homework from both individuals. School homework usually starts with 'persuasive' asking, followed by alot of complaining! The centre is well presented and well facilitated, providing a comfortable learning space where kids want to come and learn. I'm looking forward to seeing my kids mid year reports to see how much they've improved. Its even better to see them enjoy learning, and want to do homework with ease. Keep up the great work Markitup!

Tram Dang

My son has just started but can already see a big improvement..Thanks:)

Viwa Tasmina

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