Mathematics for Year 7 to 12

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Why Join MarkitUP Tuition?

At MarkitUP Tuition Centre, we focus on learning mathematics at a deep level, but at the same time ensure that your child is ahead of school. This will allow us buffer time to help and study for exams with your child to maximise results.

We follow the deep philosophy of life mentoring and support for your child. During our sessions we have open discussions and will encourage future thinking, responsibility and awareness outside of academic life.

We do this because we understand that sometimes it is hard to speak and have your voice reach your child. We understand that you want the best for them, for them to grab and make the most out of their academic opportunity before it is too late.

We are here to advocate and speak to your child to study hard and maximise their academic potential at school through us, at MarkitUP Tuition. 

That is our promise to you.
- Nhi, Founder of MarkitUP Tuition

What Is The Lesson Structure?

Theory Masterclass

Each student attends a Theory Masterclass Session for one hour with a highly experienced and a proven academic performer as their main tutor.

All Theory Masterclass aims to simply the concept of Mathematics in order to advance students.

Exam Preparation / Homework Help

Practice! Practice! Practice! The law to mastering anything in life.

In Mathematics, it is important to practice your basic well and attempt as many practice paper as possible before your exam.

During the one hour exam prep/homework help session, students are expected to be revising the previous topic or practicing in advance to prepare for their upcoming exam.

After each topic, students are tested to measure their performance.

Total: 2 hours per week


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The Benefits Of Working With Markitup


Better Focus

Improvement in School Grades

Higher Confidence & Self-Belief

Better Time Management

Improvement in Self-Learning & Discipline

Dont' Just Take Our Word For It.
Listen To What Our Parents &  Students Say...

"MarkitUP Tuition is simply amazing. They have high standards and have very deep understanding of Mathematics. They have been Peter's maths tutor for 3 years and have helped him make it to the highest class at school. I've seen significant improvements. I would definitely recommend MarkitUP Tuition to anyone"

- Amani, Parent

"I have been tutored since I was young in primary school. I have not been able to perform well until I attended MarkitUP Tuition. I averaged 50% early Year 7, by the end of the year I was receiving high 90s. I have been consistently in the top mathematics class in the past 4 years. I highly recommend MarkitUP Tuition"

-  Jennifer, Student, Year 10

"MarkitUP Tuition quadrupled my marks in mathematics. Our one on one lessons allowed me to learn all required skill, technique and critical thinking to apply it to more difficult questions. My understanding and approach towards studying has changed  and have studied like never before. 100% reccomendation"

- Amanda, Year 12

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There's nothing to lose - get your first lesson free to give us a try. 

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