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MarkitUP is an online tutoring service that provides quality feedback on HSC essays that guarantee students better marks easily.

Estimated Marks


You will receive an estimated mark from the assessment task uploaded. This will provide you a realistic understanding on the quality of your essay prior submission. Providing you a chance to improve before it is too late.

Fully Reviewed Assessment


Receive a fully reviewed and annotated assessment task to highlight specific areas on your essay. Know exactly where and what to improve to smash and grab those marks!

Cover most Subjects


Receive service from TOP OF THE STATES academic achievers and teachers on most subjects offered by the Board of Studies.

Strengths and Weaknesses Report


Receive an additional feedback report which will highlight the areas of strengths and weakness in your assessment to better improve your current task and for next time.

3 days support


After you receive an annotated assessment back from us, we provide 3 days support to answer any questions you may have with your assessment task.

8 hours turn around


Do you urgently need help on your assignment? Our markers are able to review and hand back your assessment task with a minimum of 8 hours turn around.

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"When these essay maps where given to me, I used the structure and guidance of this essay maps and methodology. This increased my marks from an average of 5/20 to 18/20 and also significantly improved my confidence in essays in general. These essays:

1. Made me sound smart without making it look as if I copy and pasted, because it was still my own points that I included.

2. Got straight to the point in each paragraph, with NO mumbo jumbo included.

3. I actually FINALLY understood how to write a well structured essay in the first go.

So this is something I would definitely recommend! You don't have to be a genius to understand the science of an essay anymore!"


~Alexsandra, Bossley Park (2015 HSC)

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To be eligible to be a MarkitUP consultant, you need to be:
  1. A qualified teacher OR
  2. A high academic achieving student (ATAR 90+).
And proof of either:
  1. Your teaching qualifications (Australian approved) OR
  2. Your Year 12 Subject results and ATAR document.

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